Process Technician - Engineering

Posted: 11/14/2021

Ability to read prints and drawings
Ability to use AutoCAD and Solid Works Modeling
Experience with CAM software preferred
Possess basic mechanical knowledge about drill sizes, tap sizes, bolt grades, etc.
Familiarity with a manufacturing environment and Shop experience preferred
Familiarity with different types of metals and materials preferred
Basic cost accounting knowledge preferred
Ability to use Microsoft Software (Word, Excel) preferred
Essential Function

  • Create Engineering Masters and set up electronic part files in accordance with established procedures
  • Build Engineering Masters or work orders from quotes
  • Build estimates using Visual Estimating, including fit/weld worksheet
  • Create part ids and outside service ids in Visual in accordance with established procedures
  • Firm up jobs as directed by the Process Engineering Manager or Customer Account Manager
  • Create, analyze and revise drawings
  • Develop drawings, work instructions and other job information in accordance with established procedures
  • Produce information to make parts to customer specifications
  • Run jobs for new parts and new revisions, ensure that projected costs match quote costs and note any cost variances in accordance with established procedures
  • Inspect new parts prior to shipping to the customer
  • Analyze and address quality issues
  • Photograph parts and file the photographs in the applicable electronic part file in accordance with established procedures